Do the stidents get separate rooms?
No, there are no separate rooms, there are different dormitories accommodating
between 12 to 18 children.

 Looks after small kids
There are Dorm Aunties who look after the small kids and house masters who look after the
different dormitories supervised by a Hostel Suprintendent

We provide only vegetarian food.
 Drinking water
We have Reverse Osmosis (RO) filters for the children.
 Fruits and milk.
Yes seasonal fruits are provided regularly and milk twice a day. All meals have green vegetables, pulses .
Sweet dish is provided daily during dinner.
 Children who do not eat properly.
Special attention is given to such children and a teacher is made responsible to look
after the child.
About Laundry.
There is in house laundry. Children above Class V are encouraged to wash their
own undergarments.

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